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Submitted by Charlene Mae Joven on

Climate change has been affecting the lives of many Filipinos. Scientists say that human activities largely contribute to climate change. It is not only evident in the cities and it can also be felt in the provinces. My question is; is the entire Filipino people aware of what’s happening in our environment? If yes, what steps are we taking to combat climate change? From my perspective, I know that our country’s climate is increasing due to greenhouse gases emitted by the fossil fuel industry. But based from my observation, our knowledge on how to stop climate change is insufficient due to lack of education from the government.

We can feel climate change now. Before, when there is a typhoon, it just rains the whole day. Now, our typhoons are no longer ordinary ones, but are called super typhoons. Along with it comes strong wind and storm surge. Who will forget Typhoon Yolanda and the havoc it caused especially in Tacloban, Leyte? The El Niño phenomenon greatly affects our agriculture and food supply. Sea surface temperatures are expected to rise by 1 to 4 degrees Celsius and when that happens, warmer seas will kill corals and will decline fish catch, which is a great contributor to our food supply.

Sea levels are also rising due to the ice melting in the Antarctica. Studies show that our sea level will rise 4 – 6 meters and can submerge low-lying communities. Rainfall also intensifies and may cause more landslides in upland communities. As I have stated earlier, we can already feel that our climate is changing. Many Filipinos adapt to it as if everything that is happening is just normal. But there are more Filipinos who become aware every day of the climate change indicators.

Since we have Climate Change Commission (CCC) which addresses our issue on climate change, I hope they can also educate our people regarding climate change, its effects and how to fight it. They can partner with giant TV networks, create infomercials, or documentaries to open the eyes of the Filipinos who love watching television. For Filipinos who love to go on social media, they can post informative videos and photographs to educate the netizens on the current state of the country in terms of climate change. In partnership with different schools and universities, they can conduct discussions to inform the youth on how to contribute and save Mother Earth.

I believe that proper education which tackles its effects and ways to save the environment is the best way to make all Filipinos act to fight climate change. If everyone is well-educated on what the Philippines will be in the next century, everyone will contribute and it will not matter how small the deed will be. It is good to know that we have Climate Change Commission (CCC) on our side but their efforts will be put into waste if the people themselves are not helping to protect the environment.