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Submitted by Regine Fontanilla on

After reading this topic, I formulated a couple of questions for the reason that there are some information that conflicts with what I know in regards to it. It says that the government or particular LGU is doing this or that, but it's not felt or seen by the citizens and there seems to be no change at all.

1. The report says that the Philippine government has put forward a comprehensive and strategic climate reform agenda that focuses on transforming the the climate policies and institution wisely. If this was really put forth, why is not being carried out? If it was, why is not effective then?

2. The report says that DPWH is accounted for 80% of the total support of the Development Partners' to support the concentration on flood control and management. If the DPWH is largely funded by Development Partner then why is it that our roads are still vulnerable to floods? On the top of that, they repair some roads but it's still not effective and is even causing heavy traffics which also affects the economy.