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Submitted by Katherine Joy Sardia Cruz on

The Philippines can be considered as one of the countries that experices high pollution. Not only in terms of air pollution, light pollution and etc. Our country is polluted with too much population as well as with its needs for daily living. We know for ourselves that we cannot avoid such circumstances. But, as an individual, we must be the ones who make way in making our environment fresh and clean. Funds and a lot of materials are really needed in making such action. However, through our simple ways, this can be possibe. To give an example of this, an individual that make use of the 3 Rs; namely: Reuse, reduce, recycle and it can help our environment in our own simple ways. We can do this in our households and even in our daily routines. However, some people are really stubborn in doing so. Most people have the tendency to ignore these small things that can affect you big time in the future. Our government have done actions concerning climate change. It has been funded and started way back. However, limited changes have happened over the period of time given by the government. So, where did all the funds went? But these question will be discussed in a different matter. Even though limited changes have happened over time, I am still hoping for a much bigger change when a new elected president will handle the government for his/her term starting this 2016.

It is true that we cannot avoid climate change. In time to time, we can experience massive floods, intense heat during the summer and rise in temperature during cold seasons. From my experience during the typhoon Ondoy, flood came running to our garage and it was unusual because our house is inclined high enough not to be reached by water if ever there will be flood. According to my father, our street never experienced flood until the typhoon Ondoy. He grew up in that place and witnessed what it has been since then. He even told me that when he was younger, ber-months (September to December) will have cold winds even in day time. But in our time today, ber-months usually experiences hot winds even at night. A lot of changes happened over time. Soon, the Philippines may experience snow just like what other tropical countries have experience recently. Climate change is inevitable.