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Submitted by Jardine Ianthe Asanza on

By reading through this WB Report, I am glad to be enlightened that our current government administration is doing this country a great favor. We all know that there are far more important issues that this country should be focusing on other than political issues and other economic issues. Our country is highly depending its economic stand through agriculture regionally, nationally and globally. Since our country is geographically located by the Pacific Ring of Fire, which contributes to the country’s vulnerability to weather-related extreme events like typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, landslides and etc, and with these climate-related hazards it will really affect how Filipinos will live their lives before and after each phenomenon.

Filipinos, how are you adapting to climate change? In my perspective as a working student, I can tell that Filipinos have a hard time adapting to climate change. We all have an idea how we can help the world to be a better place because we need to start from ourselves, however most of us lack the initiative to start doing it. However if we have the initiative and we start doing it there are restrictions that are stopping people to move forward with the process. Not until a certain law will be implemented and will fine people who are not following the law, that is the only time that it will be an eye-opener to our fellow countrymen. Our congress had initiated a bill and the senate implemented the law regarding the use of plastic bags, “The Plastic Bag Act of 2013”, an act in which had already started the initiative to save the world from Global Warming. This is a good progress from the current government administration; they just have to ensure that there will be a proper follow-through by the next administration so that every detail in this recommendation will be done effectively. In this step-by-step progress with the initiative of our government, all Filipinos will have a better way to adapt to climate change and by means technology through multimedia, we can relay an important information on how everyone can be a part of this change, how everybody can work around changes, and each person who will be a part of this initiative can definitely voice out more ways and ideas on how we can work as a team, as one country to adapt toward this inevitable change.

We are already on the right track on how we are addressing this country’s way of adapting to climate change; we just need more cooperation from our fellow countrymen in pursuing the same goal that we have, try to save Mother Earth and we will save our future. I agree with all the comments here that the responsibility lies in our hands.