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Submitted by MARIGOLD UY on

I honestly think the majority of the Filipino people have no clue whatsoever about the effects of climate change, despite the government’s efforts to instigate a move that will serve as a signal to the citizens that it’s time for a change.
Filipinos have the instinct to blame it on something or someone when they are faced with dilemmas. Sometimes even, they blame the supernatural. But do the general populace of the Filipinos truly know the reason for the typhoons? The El Niño? La Niña?
Do our common brothers know about climate change? Truly and hopefully, it’s not just something Filipinos can throw around so they could blame something.
Since the government has started the Climate Change Commission (CCC), things did change somehow. But the main problem for the countrymen is our knowledge on the dilemma. What should we do about climate change? People should be educated.
Whenever I travel to Manila, the air considerably changes, we can see the rivers being polluted by people who live beside them we can definitely observe the streets dirty with garbage. It makes one want to think. There are many people from all around the world who visit Manila, and yet for the Filipino people who takes pride in this country, this is what we show them?
No wonder the floods rise up to a building’s second level. No wonder we suffer the consequences of our actions.
Because some of us are not educated. Think of those who live in the lesser part of the community. Think of the people who throw climate change as a blame for every single problem without knowing what it truly is.
I sincerely hope the schools, the government, or anyone who has the knowledge to teach the people how to act to fight climate change. After all, it’s starts with oneself, and then the society follows. Isn’t it enough that we have Ondoy and Yolanda to open our eyes to the problem that is right here in front of our eyes? Do we really have to put the blame to the government always when we as a people don’t even act upon it ourselves?
Ah, Filipinos.
I believe that even if we do have the CCC, or any project of the government, their efforts will be all in vain when the people don’t act upon it.