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Submitted by Sheila Cano on

If there is one thing super typhoons taught us is the knowledge that we are not ready when stroked with this type of calamities, and the realization that we are certainly not prepared for climate change. I have relatives in Western Samar and during typhoon Ondoy, most of them lost their homes and loved ones during the surged of the storm. The sad part was that the local government was almost a non-show in helping out the victims when donations are pouring in from all parts of the globe. The non-organized plan of action is highly evident. Also, the funds are completely misused making distributions limited. I think it is high time to reform our natural programs, because as it is, most of the funds are geared toward rehabilitation and recovery. The government should start looking at NGOs and agencies that have preventive programs that we can adapt and use. But most importantly, we should stop exploiting our natural resources.

Climate change is here. As our society advances, our environment is severely affected. With all these gases polluting our air from industrial plants, or when a century-old trees are cut just to give way for new roads, new malls and high rise condominiums are signs that our society’s thinking might be a little too self-serving. Only this time, it is affecting us in a way we never knew possible. We need to be proactive. Every individual can help reduce the greenhouse gases to lessen the impact of global warming. According to study 40% of what goes to landfills are leftovers, so never waste food.

But most importantly, be aware. Awareness is one factor that can change global warming and make every one of us contribute directly or indirectly in reducing the impact of climate change.