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Submitted by Dianne Venegas on

I agree. Our leaders can make laws again and again but if implementation is weak, we can't expect our situation to change. I also believe that as Filipinos, our culture is to blame for why we are not as proactively participating in the global campaign against climate change. Filipinos rank 5th as the happiest people on earth - while it seems like something to celebrate about, it unfortunately reflects our misguided positivity and bahala-na, okay-lang-yan attitude towards disasters and tragedies.

Being 5th happiest would have been an honor, if it meant that all the happiness and energy are geared toward rebuilding a nation after billions of losses due to natural calamity. Unfortunately, all that happiness is focused on self-delusions and belief in good luck that things are going to get better 'someday'. No single effort is exerted to prevent another calamity nor minimize losses when the next one unavoidably happens. And this all goes back to lack of political will in our government in implementing laws, and the lack of the average Filipino's discipline and sense of responsibility.

As a Filipino, I know I can only do so much in contributing my share in minimizing and recycling wastes, and making purchase decisions that when done by enough number of people can compel manufacturers to change their product design, manufacturing practices, etc. that result to climate change. It can be depressing sometimes when my own (Filipino) husband throws a piece of candy wrapper from his car window and he could not be convinced of how an act so small can affect climate change so much. His depressing argument being, "So what? Everyone does it. Parang di ka Pilipino." My point exactly, if everyone STOPS doing it, and STOPS thinking that it's okay because ALL Filipinos do it, then maybe the future won't look so bad for our children. I think we, as a nation, are going to get the future we deserve, and I feel sorry for the next generations of Filipinos.