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Submitted by Ivy Chanelle Dadios on

Let's face it, problems won't arise in the middle of a well-disciplined society. Yes, some are, but not as crucial as we what encounter nowadays. Problems, I believe, are supposed to strengthen the bonds between people and their intellectual abilities to live a peaceful, easier and beneficial life. Not as one which destroys lives. If people could have just considered in the first place all the natural entities provided by our world very essential to all beings, proper care and preservation to nature could have been done. We people are the main responsible for this world, for we are the ones gifted with enough intellectual capacity to rule over it. We hold the keys about various aspects in lives. It’s in our hands where all things may develop, such that once in the past, we once hold the possibilities that may happen in the future. But, the “future” we have considered in the past, is now what we call the “present.” This explains why we have the kind of “present” we encounter today. As we see it, many disasters visit us every year. These are caused mostly by our ignorance about the significance each thing in the world possesses. We are provided by the blue print of the future we are constructing by the way we have lived before and live today. As simple as it is, we are makers of our future. Although there are still problems that come our way, which we are totally out of control, we can still do preventions. We can be wary and careful by the way we live and by the way we decide on things so that possible problems which may confront us in the future will be lessened. By this, we are helping the generations to come, thus, giving them still the chance to experience and to benefit from the naturality and freshness of our world. The solution is to have discipline, be discipline and responsible about the beauty of everything we have in the world. I believe that the government should be disciplined enough to mold its citizens into becoming disciplined, appreciative and responsible individuals about every action each do -for these actions contribute to the future. Discipline leads to having conscientious acts. It is also where organized things come from. Therefore, the government officials, who have the authority, should continue the efforts they have made for the climate change issues. They should also make laws teaching and molding the citizens to be responsible and to practice being preventive -as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than a cure.” But must ensure also that the citizens are aware of it and will abide by the laws leading to proper treatment to the natural entities of the world.