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Submitted by Rachelle Realeza on

I do agree that climate change have already been showing its effects not only here in the Philippines but worldwide since a decade ago and we're just now experiencing its full wrath due to our ignorance towards actually making a difference in order to save the planet we're living in.
Here in the Philippines, although there have been legislations and laws pertaining to the saving of the planet and lessening the pollution we're experiencing and doing, many citizens still are very ignorant when it comes to the severity of climate change. I can still see a lot of people during my commutes who are unbashful when it comes to littering may it be something small like cigarette butts or something big like a whole garbage bag of junk thrown into the sidewalk. I think if the government implement a better pay or salary for the aids that cleans the streets and main roads here in the Philippines and post a higher fine countrywide for litterers, we’ll see a gradual lessening in street littering here in the country.
On the other hand, although it is easy to say that the Philippines should diminish its use of plastic when manufacturing commercial products, I think that it is not advisable economically as of right now. I think that what the government should do is implement an awareness to its citizens on what not to do with their trash, how to properly trash them, and advise them not to litter in public. These small things would lead to a bigger change and eventually the government can focus on the bigger changes to aid the environment in its dire situation right now.