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Submitted by Abigail Christiane P.Viloria on

Whenever I come to Makati, all I see up in the air clouding the buildings is smog and I think everyone thinks it is normal. Seriously? When you see a house burning, would you think it’s normal? Of course not. But here again comes the thought, “I’m busy to think about these things right now” and maybe that’s what makes them think like that.

The problem with our country is that instead of providing money, which was pondered upon in the article made by the World Bank: Getting a Grip on Climate Change in the Philippines, these so called clean politicians make themselves wealthy from the budget that was made for the Climate Change Program therefore making the research less and less functional. Part of it is educating the Filipino people and without it, everyone will still continue on with what they used to. The thing is, traditional ways harmfully hurts the environment, and it’s time to change that and do something that will benefit the environment on a larger scale. Like maybe providing more eco-transport to the mass or educating the youth because really, in the end the youth will be next generation and how they learned things will be the sole basis on how they will take care of the environment.

I am also glad that there are certain organizations that started the trend on going for saving the world from its misery, and they used the World Wide Web in spreading these information – making the people aware about the never ending damage of what we all do to our environment, therefore resulting to Climate Change. But it’s still not enough because what the people do nowadays is that they fill their souls and minds about the current entertainment news about local and international celebrities, gossiping their way in to the social media. Why not fill your feed with articles such as these? Again, if people will not be educated, they will not conform to it. People are too distracted with things that aren’t even related to the environment or related to modern world problems. As a citizen, it is your sole responsibility to act for the better.

They say that the change needed for the society is the change of mind set, changing the way you think about things that would greatly and positively affect others and the environment. But what if the people aren’t ready or they choose to not change? I personally think that to start the process is for you to change, for us to change. Because as Justin Bieber’s song goes, you can’t say sorry when it is too late. Do you think it’s late to change right now? How far are we until we’re doomed for life?