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Submitted by Carlos Acaba on

Climate change is a global concern, since its damaging effect is generally felt worldwide by everyone regardless of what/who we are and where we belong. As a reminder, some scientific research reveals that the effect of melting icebergs [as a result of global warming] in Antarctica will, in the long run, increase the level of the seas and eventually sink the low laying areas where most are thickly populated like in some parts of Asia. In fact, we are always experiencing the horrible effect of climate change in our country like: typhoon, flood, landside, El Niño, etc. Hence, we could not get away from the dreadful effect of this apparently man-triggered phenomenon if we will remain heedless on this issue.
All of us may pay the price of being unmindful of our environment; but, it is not too late for anyone to take action and be part of the global solution of this pressing environmental situation. I still believe that any individual or group of individuals – regardless of whether one is poor or rich, can make change. But, of course, ‘it is not a climate change;” but to change the course of the situation. In other words, to reverse the direction of this environmental phenomenon, and let it goes back to its original condition. In our own little way, we can do something by just committing ourselves for this change, individually or collectively. But how are we going to do that?
We are fortunate enough, as Filipinos, to have a government that is seriously responding and/or monitoring the effect of climate change. And it is evident by its creation of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) that crafted the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) to serve as the lead policy document guiding the climate agenda at all levels of government. This is, more or less, a holistic approach in combating climate change in our country. Although, there are some parts of the plan that needs to be polished, as indicated in the World Bank (WB) report; but generally, we Filipinos are committed to contribute to the whole problem-solving process, and we are working hard to be part of the overall solution of the global environment issues like climate change.
How about we, as individual/s? At our end, what can we contribute to our government in fighting climate change? Is it good enough that we are aware of the situation? I think that we could contribute much, as individuals, if we could pass on the necessary information [awareness] to our children, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends everything we know about climate change. In doing so, we could avoid things that may worsen environmental problems like: burning garbage or throwing wastes elsewhere; using synthetic chemicals in our farms; unnecessary cutting of trees in our respective places; and some other environment-unfriendly human activities. But, of course, let us not forget to teach them of good alternatives.
Finally, these are simple ways, but important things, that we can do to help our government protect and preserve our environment. Thus, in committing ourselves in this fight, we could be assured of a smooth redirection of course of the climate situation to its original condition.