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Submitted by Sherelyn Llupar on

The factors for climate change are natural and human causes. Natural causes in such a way that Philippines is an archipelagic country. It is vulnerable to natural disasters. It is in fact third most at risk from climate change in the world according to UN report. According to The Washington Post, there are 5 different risk factors: a rise in sea levels, extreme rainfall, events, extreme heating events, increased ocean temperatures and the disturbed water budget. On the other hand, human causes climate change. As this blog mentioned that our GHG will continue to increase in the years to come. The abuse on natural environment like deforestation which causes flash floods. The very complicated urban structure of Philippines makes it susceptible to floods in urban areas. Especially today that developments of high rise infrastructures is everywhere. Let us also consider the industrial wastes may it be through air or water. Those Edsa buses that emits smoke as dark as their souls. There are a lot of human causes to consider. Some may have small impact now, but definitely contributes to climate change.

With these factors, my question now to Climate Change Commission are: do they think it's not yet late to aid Philippines from the effects of climate change? How will they educate people on climate change? What are their future projects? Me personally just heard of the CCC during this class.