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Submitted by King Kintanar on

The country is already experiencing the effects of global warming and climate change. The rainy season becomes more and more dangerous from Milenyo to Ondoy to Yolanda. The damage of these deadly typhoons is rapidly increasing. While the rainy season poses a threat to our country, the dry or summer season is doing the same thing as well. The summer season is giving us a hotter temperature every year. The threat of diseases to the people and the drying of the dams and crops is the same damage as the rainy season is doing to us. Climate change is inevitable but is the country ready for this? Are Filipinos aware of the threats of the global warming?

According to the WB report there are several recommendations that needs to be implemented in order to survive the climate change. But the question still remains, is the government doing something about this? This blog was posted several years ago (2013) and the report should have launched on June 2013. That was the same year Bagyong Yolanda devastated the Visayas region. How are we coping up to this climate change? Our bodies and the environment may be able to adapt to the changes but what about the threatening typhoons and earthquakes that we cannot control? It is good that the government is planning and researching and seek help from other countries, but we need to strengthen the government unit that is assigned to the climate change. Planning is good and preparing is better but the government should also allot time and budget to disseminate the information to the Filipinos who are unaware of our country’s current situation. It may be in the form of posters, tv ads, youtube videos that will inform the Filipinos of what is happening and what they can do to help the government and other citizens as well.