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Submitted by Sean Jonota on

No matter how many agencies or laws are created or enacted here in the Philippines, if the Filipino people aren’t doing their part on slowing down climate change then those laws or agencies will therefore be ineffective and useless. With a simple throwing of your trash to its proper place can help and if there’s no trashcan better yet pocket it until you find a trashcan — these may be small things but it would really help our environment be a better place.

I remember my friend’s article, who was a delegate of the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) held in Paris, where she criticised our president about his recently inaugurated coal power plant in Mindanao which was the opposite of what he promised at COP21 that the Philippines is cutting its emissions by 70%. “A sincere government would have started investing more aggressively in renewable energy, with or without help from foreign aid.” At the end of the day it is still up to us, citizens, to be a spark of change and to educate everyone to be aware and take part on the climate change movement.

One thing that irritated me the most is the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the Philippines to declare and void the Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Order No. 8, series of 2002, which provides for the “Rules and Regulations for the Importation and Release into the Environment of Plants and Plant Products Derived from the use of Modern Technology.” That means that agricultural research in the country would stop and the dream of most agricultural scientists and researchers of providing a sustainable and progressive agriculture in the country. It is because agricultural advancements have a huge impact on climate change and therefore making our planet more sustainable.