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Submitted by Franklin John on

Philippine is an archipelago which consists of an estimated 7,107 islands. As a small country geographically located along the pacific region near the Equator, it is highly susceptible to rising sea levels and tropical cyclones and storms.
As climate change slowly takes place, the country experience such extreme weathers and disasters. With these, the country launched “2009 Climate Change Act” which led to the development of NCCAP, CCC, CCCC, PSFB and etc. which strengthens the planning, execution, and budgeting for climate change wherein they also analyze and prepare their country for the worst climate condition. Many rely on these various government agency group but it would not be efficient if they do not cooperate. Most of them do not care about these climate changes even when they know it will do great harm in the future. Their ignorance will be soon be the cause of everyone’s misery. So why don’t they start with the 4r’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Replace and how about segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable? These simple steps can help save our environment. They too must make it a habit forecasting weather in their own. They may help nature in a small scale but every little bit helps. Doing these things makes every person build skills and knowledge-base on climate change, habitable and clean environment. But with the lack of public awareness, there is a chance that they could have never survive such harsh weathers like La Niña and El Niño.
A lot of time has passed since the Climate Change Act has been made and so far little changes has been done. People often blames the agencies for this kind of failure to do their job. These climate agencies still lacks the leadership and accountability through monitoring, evaluation and review of their climate change and policies. Unfortunately, that was not the only problem because the budget funded to these agencies was being manipulated by corrupted leaders of the country. In other words, the money that was meant for climate change ended up in the wrong hands. Filipinos can really fight climate change if they work together, but they cannot do it when the one who's ruining the plan are their leaders.