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Submitted by Kristhine Jane Ocampo on

Climate Change
There was a time when you would tune in or read the news and the term “climate change” was rarely discussed. These days climate change seems to be at the forefront of headlines in media due to its encompassing effect worldwide.
Climate change needs to take this place as the one of the biggest worldwide social issues because it has the potential indicate how our future will look like.

I agree with the World Bank report highlighting the government need to properly finance the climate change plan, monitor the implementation of the plans and build the capacity to establish the plans. Most of all to give priority on knowledge based studies.
Beyond the report of the World Bank and the policies given by the government, we should prepare and look at the society where the plans will be set in motion.
Locally, Filipinos are quite aware of climate change as we have been affected vastly and repeatedly for the past decade. The destruction that the super typhoons brought to several parts of the country cannot be forgotten, due to the large amount of property destruction and the lost of lives. Almost everyone in the Philippines can relate a personal story of how a typhoon or flooding caused trouble to their daily lives.
What we must remember is that climate change is not only a force that can create moments of massive destruction instantaneously. Silently and gradually, it can also starve us by making the water supply erratic, causing our food supply chain to be broken. These effects can already be seen in some parts of the country experiencing drought.
In my opinion, while government policies are well and good, the battle for climate change is fought by each and every individual on a daily basis. If everyone will do their ;part in reducing their carbon footprint by just a little bit, we would experience massive cuts in carbon emissions.
In this regard, I believe that there is a lack of information dissemination of active ways an individual can help. While climate change is always talked about in the local and foreign media, while we know that there is a problem and while its effects are not unknown to us, the typical Filipino is not aware of how they would do their part.
To many Filipinos, “helping the environment” is merely “throwing trash in a garbage bin” so that it doesn’t clog the sewage system. While this is helpful, it is merely one of the many things that an individual Filipino can do.
A nationwide education and awareness campaign, reminding the Filipino that managing climate change is in their hands by what they do on a daily basis, will have huge effects in reducing emissions. If every Filipino becomes aware of this fact, the plans, activities and programs to reduce emissions will eventually manifest itself in the transport and industrial sectors.
This is what I feel the government, education sector, the media and civil society can work together to start a positive change. Beyond policy, the call to get everyone involved through small acts in human behaviour will create a big effect. Through these step by step advancement, we give ourselves and the next generations a promising future.