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Submitted by Juan Paolo Roque on

To adapt to climate change is to not only be aware of how the this change is rapidly changing our way of living (and actually threatening our very existence itself), but to actually do something about it no matter how minute or insignificant it may seem to us.

My family owns a farm and as such I am quite aware of the many adaptations farmers are implementing to be able to yield large harvests. The staple food for the Filipino’s is rice. Rice is a very delicate crop to grow. From the moment that it has been replaced to the rice paddies until the grains are already showing and almost ready for harvest, one must take note of the weather. With the climate change however, farmers are having a hard time determining when to start planting. With huge downpours that lasts for days (and are not caused by a typhoon) now it always seems to be a gamble as the weather is almost unpredictable.

Hybrid Rice, and other innovations in farming are being introduced. But then all of this is not enough if the climate change will continue to get worse. Rice being the staple food of the Filipino’s will have a huge impact on the country’s economy.

In the end perhaps the best adaptation to climate change, is to do something with our lifestyles and to not only slow down, or prevent the change, but also to aim to eventually return it back to how it used to be. And for this cause, each and every one of us in this planet we call home should be made aware of what we can do, no matter how little it may seem in contrast to the billions of people out there, to fight climate change.