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Submitted by Paulyn Louise San Pedro on

If the usage of crude oil is one of the primary reasons why we have global warming, then will there be any alternatives that can provide the same function of crude oil but more environmentally friendly? If there is, how come our country haven't phase-out the use of crude oil and stick to the alternatives since we are one of the countries who doesn't have our own crude oil anyway? If there isn’t, then why not conduct a project of creating alternatives? I’m sure there are a lot of talented Filipinos out there who have a solution only that, they lack support. And crude oil resources is limited so why not use alternatives at the present so that when the time comes that it is no longer available, we can still continue on our life without being too affected because we were able to make our country adapt in a coming generation without crude oil in advance, right? And we will be able to lessen pollution!
Honestly, I'm not actually sure of what are/will be the specific climate change adaptation programs and projects but prioritizing in providing an alternative for crude oil is definitely a good project not only for our environment but also to our health and wallets because the prices of goods and services also depend to the price of the crude oil.