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Submitted by Allan del Rosario on

Human civilization has been paving an imminent climate change, in fact it’s been (gradually) happening since. I always put the majority of the task to the Philippine government when it comes to climate change or global warming awareness for the Filipino people. Unfortunately, and I think it’s pretty apparent (to date) that failures does exist both within the government (i.e., officials/staffs) whom are supposed to be the one championing addressing the problem with climate change, corruption here and there, nothing new, and Filipinos themselves (perhaps including myself). If we (Filipinos) will only have selfless officials (or at least less corrupt), there’s a great chance that awareness will be properly and efficiently rolled to public, likewise if we (people other than the government) would only care to listen and obey/follow the plans that the government has set, we (as a nation) would be able to adapt global warming. Whether we like or not, climate change is inevitable and the warming will continue to progress as we (Filipinos) are not the only occupants of the world. But despite this, we can still make a difference (regardless of the size) if we Filipinos will make a way to do so. Perhaps it is not by eliminating earthquake, flash floods or typhoons from happening but at least we could do something to lessen the bad impact, and being prepared to such scenarios would make a difference and thereby sustain and/or saves Filipino lives. Though we typically having budget issue for the most part of the plans, strategies and actions, however I always believe that, above all, knowledge or proper education is the key to climate change adaptability for us Filipinos.