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Submitted by Joel Santos on

Residents of Davao City have experienced the most unlikely floods and heat waves and their first storm signal no. 1 in the last 5 years. As a resident of Davao, it has been difficult to accept that our city is not anymore as much as the land of promise as it has always been touted to be. I cannot find any other reason for the changes that we have been experiencing in our city other than climate change. Resilience being primordial in every Filipino, Davaoenos have been able to adapt easily to the changes that they have been encountering lately. Our local 911 service have procured rescue vehicles for the forth-coming storms and medical equipment that can be used for people whose health may be affected by the abrupt changes in the present weather conditions. Due to the unpredictable temperature surges in the last few weeks, members of the lower to middle class groups have found refuge in air-conditioned malls while the affluent upper class groups have the luxury of staying in the comforts of their air-conditioned houses and bedrooms the entire day to beat the heat. What is bothersome about what the people of Davao have resorted to to be able to adapt to this new culture or situation that we have been force to adjust to is that all these contribute to further destruction of the environment which leads to the greater ill-effects of climate change. The city's 911 team motorised vehicles' carbon emission will contribute to the pollution and the prolonged use of air conditioners would increase the demand for electricity that is supplied by a coal plant that is known to likewise damage the environment. Given the above-mentioned situation, it scares me that we do not seem to have better choices as to how to adapt to our present day situation anymore because all the choices we are left with lead to the destruction of the environment. It is good to know however, that the present administration is serious in dealing with the problems that climate change has brought at hand. It may take some time before both private and government agencies will be able to polish their policies regarding climate change. However, if each one who is a part of the agencies take by heart their roles in helping our nation in facing the problems brought about by climate change I don’t think it would take that long before they are able to formulate better policies and guidelines that would greatly benefit our country. Given what World Bank had said in their report, I do think that the Philippines is on the right track except for the fact that there are people in our government whose motives of being part of the agencies are very questionable. I cannot help but doubt why some projects which could not have passed the provisions and requirements of our present environmental laws were approved by certain government agencies. It is sad that some people would take advantage of their position for their personal gain at the expense of the country’s welfare. While it is true that we should trust and rely on our government to lead and guide us but given the kind of corrupted culture prevalent in our government right now, I do think that it will be best to start relying on ourselves first. Why don’t we all just find ways by which we can help address climate change on our own. It wouldn’t hurt if we sacrifice certain comforts to lessen our contribution to the problem and lead by example and not wait for others and the government to do their job.