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Submitted by Raul Osila Jr. on

Everyone is Responsible

Everytime you open the television, read the news paper, or listen to the radio, you will hear news regarding global warming or climate change; however it is not until the recent years that we felt its effect.

Over the last five (5) years we have experienced typhoons that devastated our country and decimated entire cities in just one night. Even a torrential rain can cause floods recently which made our government take global warming seriously.

Today, the government has made some steps to address the problem by creating Climate Change Commission that is tasked with planning, execution, and financing the framework for climate change. Even local government has acknowledge that they too will need to make some steps address climate change issue by passing a government ordinance that will ban the use of plastic which is now implemented in most cities in the Philippines.

However, all these steps by the Government will be for naught if we as citizens of the Philippines will not do our part as well. We need to acknowledge that global warming is real and it affects us one way or another.

In conclusion, everyone is responsible in addressing the climate change problem. All the planning and financing of the government with regards to the issue will yield no results if "WE" don't play out part as well.