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Submitted by Domingo Burayag - VIII on

We must act now!

Upon watching the BBC’s two-part documentary about Climate Change, entitled, “The Truth about Climate Change”, presented by David Attenborough, then that was the time, I would say that I am aware about what it is all about.

These days, when we talk about Climate Change, we tend to mean changes that we, the human being, brought about. In contrary, according to him, we all know that the climate of our planet has always changed from the pasts cause by some natural phenomenon such as cosmic events.

Some of us are aware that the earth is being transformed, but not by natural events, we mentioned above, but by our activities, an action that results to unleashing the forces of nature by altering the climate. We all know that we don’t have power over nature, but that’s not the case of Global Warming, with our actions, we are gradually changing the amount of energy that the earth is received from the sun, but how we all asked?

The protagonist slash antagonist of the story is the infamous Carbon Dioxide. It is one of the many gases that we have to take into account with the Global Warming or famously known as the Green House Effect. Once it’s in the atmosphere, it simply traps the sun’s energy, keeping the planet warm. But before that, hundreds of millions of years ago, the forests took so much Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere and they reduce the GH effect, and cool our planet down, and when the trees died, they were buried with the CO still within them.

To continue, those buried trees became coals and what we called fossil fuels. Now, in the present time, the coals are being carried up to the surface to be burned, to maneuver our Power Stations which provide us electricity. Oil and Gas, like coal are also types of fossil fuel, when such fuel burned, the Carbon, recombined with Oxygen, going back to the atmosphere as Carbon Dioxide. The more CO we have in the atmosphere, the further our planet becomes warm.

The key is that atmosphere is shaping our climate.

The domino effect of that phenomenon, results in unprecedented collapse and melting of the glaciers in Greenland, which lead to rising sea level globally. Climatic extremes such as Drought, cause by the disruptive rain pattern, affects our agricultural land. The rising sea temperature can dissipate more vapors resulting to more powerful hurricane, not to mention the impact of severe and frequent Coral Bleaching to the thousands of species associated with it because of this kind of sea temperature.

I believe it is not too late, or should I say, we must act now, before it becomes too late.

Thank you for creating the Climate Change Commission to address this very important matter, we are facing now, and with the comprehensive analysis and report of the World Bank, entitled, Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review, we are confident to take the right path to implement what is necessary, and use that report as the strict guidelines of each action plans the CCC needed to achieve, and serves as a backbone of the said Commission’s logistics as a whole.

Now, as an individual, we have to enforce our contribution to make all this happen, starting from living efficiently with our everyday lives, such as; disposing our garbage accordingly, avoid unnecessary trips using fossil-fuel induce vehicles, on a short distance travel, walking or riding on a bicycle is the most effective way to resolve that, and last but not the least, effective usage of the electricity.
To the government, please educate us, please expose us, and make our fellow citizen be aware of what is happening right now, of what Climate Change is.

This is not just for us, but for our kids, our grandchildren, and great grand children who will inherit the earth, and bear in mind that we have a responsibility to answer them what we have done during our generation, have we really take an action to save their future?

-Thank you.