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Submitted by Keizer Philip B. Ancajas on

Climate change is one of the biggest world problems that we are facing today and as you said, it is upon us. I mean you are right in stating that we don’t need a scientific mind to know this, you can just observe it nowadays. The problem is we are taking blows from typhoon that are empowered by this climate change and most of the people are not doing anything against it, they are more likely to blame God, Karma or bad luck than just themselves.

We are the reason that this is happening, and sometimes most of us can see it. We are the cause of the pollution. We are the ones who are power hungry and we are the one who tears up to forest for money. The government is doing whatever they can do just to preserve our environment; they are most likely willing to pay a lot of money just to raise awareness.

We just don’t need to raise awareness, there are a lot of people that are aware of what they are doing is wrong. They chose to do it because they are hungry. One of the main reasons that deforestation is amidst our country is because of poverty. They are doing this because of their families, they are hungry, they need money for their survival and they are willing to do anything. We don’t need to raise awareness anymore, what we need to do is to take action on the people. We need to get rid of poverty so we may stand chance against it. We can prepare and protect everything but they will get in. No matter what we do, because they need to survive. We can give this people jobs, it’s what they need lets give them the opportunity to protect our nature as their job. They will do a better job than the others and they can also be subjected into tourism.

So far we have raised the awareness for the people to know, we have launched different programs or projects for us to adapt to this climate change and prevent it. We must give our people the sense of responsibility in the most rewarding way, they will be positively reinforced and they will be encouraged to do it again. We can’t just raise the basic salary, and I just stated that these people don’t have any jobs more or less skills to have one. But we can give them opportunities.

I know that we are not that much of a contributor to the world in terms of dealing with climate change but we know that all big things started small. For being an individual that is part of a growing society, we must make a difference; we need to start now before it’s too late. We must make every person accountable of what is happening. This is our world, we are all affected of this problem, thereare no safe havens or anything. It’s either we preserve it or we die with it. As an individual who is part of the world, it’s our choice.