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Submitted by Diana Tan on

I think climate change is happening around the world and not only in the Philippines. The only difference is people from other countries are prepared in handling such situation as soon as they know typhoons, floods, hurricanes are coming to hit their country. The problem in the Philippines is that the government keep on having these plans of doing this and that...budget for disaster program, budget for every government agencies they can think of and they do that after the calamities have passed already and a lot of people have died. Rains and typhoons hit the country many times in a month and floods has been an issue but they don't do anything to fix the drainage issue why is it flooding with just a few drops of rains. They should use the budget they say they have for the specified program and show something and not just talk about it when its happening. Our government doesn't have a proper evacuation centers for people who are affected by the typhoons or floods at least create a decent and livable surroundings for the people just like how Japan had when they were hit by Hurricanes/Typhoons. Implementation and provide teachings to public and not just chit chat to show off on television to make them look good. We need to plant more trees to help prevent flooding because of people cutting down trees and not replacing them creates a bigger issue in the environment that causes climate change, dispose garbage properly and recycle what can be recycled. We can't stop climate change but we can do something to lessen the chaos or destruction it will create when it comes. We are the one who are responsible for the changes in our environment and now by being irresponsible individual the problems came to us ten folds. Let's help each other and one another to make it place to live with for us and for the new generation that's coming.