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Submitted by Allysa Mae Valencia on

Our country, the Philippines, as being vulnerably exposed in disastrous weather-related events such as typhoons, drought, and the like, one must assume that the government and its citizens are aware of the continuous change of the climate and knowledgeable of how and why we need to prevent these ever-changing circumstances of weather conditions. However, seeing the current state of our country today, I believe I can say that not enough awareness is shown in our nation and not much action is being done. Nonetheless, as I have read the World Bank report about the climate change in the Philippines, I have learned that our government is aware and is taking action in managing and monitoring reduction and prevention of plausible risks of disasters. They have centralized in making new institutions like the CCC (Climate Change Commission), which harmonizes departments and agencies on all climate policies; and acts such as the Climate Change Act, which “represents priorities from mitigation to adaptation”. They are also conscious of their weaknesses regarding the insufficient number of knowledge and staff towards climate policies and institutions; thus, their plans and obligations in strengthening the aforementioned. In summary, the government is doing well in handling environmental deterioration and climate change on their part. But how about our part, the individuals? To save our country in the consequences of climate change, the actions of the government is not enough; we must also be aware and knowledgeable about what is happening to the climate of our country — we also have huge obligations as citizens of this nation. Protecting our environment does not merely mean “not littering” or “avoiding the use of vehicles from time to time because of gas emissions”. We, the individuals, need to know more about what and how we can do on our part — plans, preparations, obligations, etc. — and not just always rely on the government preparing and fixing everything for us. Awareness and more knowledge in this matter are what, not just our government but all of us, need to possess for a better well-being of our nation for the present and upcoming generations.