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Submitted by Anne Bacomo on

In the midst of all the issues in the world and in the Philippines, it is commendable that institutions have been formed in order to maintain the effects of climate change and to prevent further damage. However, it must be stressed that the penchant for “ningas-kugon” in the Philippines is unacceptable for such a significant movement. The government and the people must follow through if a sizeable change for the better is to be achieved.

To prevent further damage to the Earth, the political issues, greed, ignorance, and laziness must be put aside to give way to a cooperative attitude towards plans against climate change. Instead of more plans on how to adapt to climate change that are, most often than not, propelled by thoughts of profit gain, the various industries in the Philippines must incorporate maintenance and preventive measures in their business strategies. Instead of delaying proper implementation due to political disputes, a united political stand and action on climate change must be established. And, instead of donning metaphorical horse blinkers, citizens of the Philippines must raise their awareness and willingness to cooperate. After all, everything that we know and do and everything that we are and the comforts that we are accustomed to will all prove to be trivial if the Earth becomes inhabitable.

I sincerely hope that the next administration will continue to abide by the Climate Change Act, improve and effectively implement the National Climate Change Action Plan, and support the programs and institutions that take action. Furthermore, I hope that society will attain an increased awareness and cooperation before it’s too late.