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Submitted by clarita tubongbanua on

As Filipinos we can do our share! Let’s do it!!!!

Our government - to ensure that it stays on the right path as far as solving the climate change problem, the Climate Change Commission and the Department of Budget and Management, has requested the World Bank to undertake a study to review government expenditures related to climate change and institutions with mandates to address climate change. Individual awareness as to the effect of this climate change we Filipinos are encouraged to take active part in order for us to contribute something in the realization of the proposed recommendation of the WB to address and avert the ill effects of Climate Change .While this recommendation will greatly affect the populace in general, individually we can also set our own goal to contribute in our own little way some measures to take active part in the realization of those projects at hand. In our own small way we can address issues like population control and greening our environment. We can make it a habit to plant trees to replace those being cut due to urbanization project. One area which our government should look into is how our agricultural land are being converted into subdivision without taking into consideration that those agricultural lands are equipped with irrigation canal to properly water agricultural products, but because those in the government sector are also those businessmen who have access to power and control these lands were converted to residential land. Businessmen in their pursuit to gain so much wealth became twisted being (according to Steve Jobs).The land that feed millions of our populace are now replaced with residential buildings which at times left unoccupied because owners are not around due to migration and only caretakers are left behind to take care of it. If only our government has the capacity to look into and has the teeth to properly imposed proper use of our resources then probably the issue about shortage in our food will be minimized and importation be reduced. On the other hand, since our Nation is considered the only Christian Nation in Asia, we should dig deeper the study and influence of the famous sociologist in his time- Thomas Aquinas whose writing states that the author of 2 books-Book of Nature and Book of Scripture should not contradict each other-The Philippines being the only Christian Nation in Asia should adapt to this belief –That man should have dominion over all his environment and all living and non- living creatures. So this give him no option but to be good stewards over all those things in his dominion and that includes his environment . If only we are true to the saying- Cleanliness is next to Godliness and Respect others as to ourselves then even our very own environment is respected. If only we are conscious and aware that whatever we sow, we reap, then we have to think many times before we do evil in the sight of God and our fellow men. Character or value is defined as being who we are with or without somebody looking at us. Doing what is proper in the use of any disposable items will lead to cleanliness and without avarice and pride, one should think that one cannot drive as many vehicles in one setting as there are rich small member-families with vast array of vehicles and as many shoes and dresses which cannot be used simultaneously. According to World bank report, While the Philippines has been a minor contributor to global warming, GHG emissions are projected to quadruple in the energy sector and double in the transport sector by 2030 due to its growing economy, urbanization, and motorization. Another thing that contributes a lot in the degradation of our environment is we are being dump with so many trashes from industrialized countries-like second hand and worst one case that was brought in the media is the thrash from Canada ( sorry I can’t recall how many containers )which were purely trash and not recyclable, motor vehicles, second hand dresses and appliances that is being modified and sold in our local markets. Although One question that came into my mind are the relief goods like dresses being sold in the market which to me are given for free in the height of calamities but are not given to the supposed recipient but ultimately sold in the market (the government should look into these things) In the end..If only we take our role being the stewards of our environment by taking good of our temporary homes in this planet earth then we will not be into this kind of trouble..The trouble of and panicky results of Climate Change.