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Submitted by Jeremy on

The question is, how concerned are we about Climate Change? We are alarmed, yes, by all the shocking happenings that are taking place such as stronger typhoons, more violent earthquakes, tougher droughts, and the worsening climate. But how do we respond to these?

The Earth and its people experience these noticeable changes. Many for sure are concerned about the future of our planet and of course, the future of their kids too. Will they still see a green future? Or will they only see dead seas and dying forests?

They say that change is inevitable. It's part of nature. But if we can't stop it, maybe we can slow it down. And I still believe that for us to make a bold step towards a greener tomorrow, one should initiate change. Change should start with you. By doing so, we are inspiring others to do the same. By simply bringing reusable bags with you when you go shopping is a great way of saving Mother Earth. At the same time, you are minimizing somehow the need for production of paper bags and plastic bags as well as inspiring others to do the same until it inspires more people to follow. And eventually, the need for production of paper and plastic bags will lessen greatly. In addition, we are actually saving energy! Because is takes a lot of energy to create paper. That is why the use of reusable bags is a smarter way of saving the environment than using paper bags.

Our concern for the environment should be put in action. What we need here is real change. And real change requires action and will. The government has been making steps towards saving the environment as well as adaptive measures to the worsening climate. We should also, as part of the community, do our part and work side by side to preserve our delicate planet. We should stop complaining about typhoons and all these natural phenomenons happening in our country. And realize that for us to somehow lessen and slow down climate change is to act on it positively.

There are a number of ways to do that. Here are some examples:
- Start planting trees and plants in your backyard.
- Keep your surroundings clean.
- Conserve electricity and water.
- Reduce carbon footprint by walking or by riding a bike to get to places.
- Avoid the use of CFC emitting products that destroys the ozone layer.
- Do the 3 R's (reuse, reduce, recycle).
- Burn fats not fuel.
- Practice eating vegetables to minimize the demand for meat

With the ever increasing number of people on earth, food supply can be scarce and might not be enough to sustain everyone. The source of potable water will dry up in the next number of years. And there will be a mad search for new energy resources. The increasing population and human activities that speed up Earth's destruction greatly affects and disrupts ecological balance. With more and more species pushed in the edge of extinction, if such abuse to natural resources and wrong way of living continues, man's future will slowly be like a desert land as year passes by and all these global phenomenon will get even stronger and worse in the next few years. All that will be left is nothing but wasteland.