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Submitted by Nikko Hernandez on

Good day.

In my opinion, we are the main reason why we are experiencing climate change. With the rise of globalization, industrialization, and capitalism we overlook or disregard the importance of our environment.

Such an obvious example is that of the current society's consumption of combustable fuels for vehicles. It is clear that the air we breathe in today is not as good as what it used to be. We took for granted the use of petroleum and did not so much pay attention to the emissions that it created thus affecting our environment, especially in urbanized areas such as Manila.

Yes, the government devised a plan in controlling vehicles with bad emissions, but is it really that effective or implemented? With the current number of vehicles in Manila alone, there are still a lot of which produce black smoke from their mufflers and why is it? Does the government not take this seriously?

The above given example is just a small scale operation compared to that of what the World Bank is planning. Also a part of this plan is the increase of funds for the operation of the said program. How can we be sure that the monetary fund will be utilized for the sole purpose of the plan taking in consideration how corrupt the Philippine government is?

This is not a rant. I am only highlighting the argument for my point. My point is we all need to participate in preserving our environment. In order to do so, we must oblige to the rules and most importantly, the government and the people governing should be the first to follow it and hold it as their virtue.