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Submitted by Gabrielle Angeline Arejola on

Let’s face it, us Filipinos can be helpful with our environment. Honestly, we can help the environment with just the simplest thing such as planting trees or just slightly changing something with our lifestyle, like throwing trash whenever and wherever we like to throw it. Being able to do this simple thing can help the environment in the slightest way. It can start small but once you start and let it grow in time. You will be able to have a habit doing it.
Filipinos are used to adapt to climate change because we tend to be in the middle of the happenings in the world. Such as having floods, or having droughts. But honestly this is cause because of us human beings. Examples are; floods that are caused because of the trash that we through whenever we want to and we tend to cut down trees and not replace them. This causes the water not being absorb by the roots of the tree; drought is specially cause here in the Philippines because we are a tropical country, especially when summer passes by, the temperature increases and makes heat. If we had more trees, there would be more air passing by.
Filipinos farmers, especially now, are experiencing climate change. Because of the crops are having extreme drought. This causes their crops to dry up. There are some instances that there is too much water when the heavy rain pours out. This causes they crops to drown. These are some instances that happen in the Philippines and the climate change.
Here in Laguna, they started to stop using plastic bags. Base on my research, burning plastics can cause cancer or increase the rate of getting cancer. Before, floods don’t tend to happen here, but when they started to cut down trees and floods occurrence increases every time a very strong storm or heavy rain happens