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Submitted by Rhyan Cacanindin on

Philippines needs a massive overhaul in our Government system first, by electing the right leaders so that when we are ready to setup an agency (Single agency that focuses on educating people and observing our nature and make laws for it and have the ultimate power to implement its rules and no one will be exempted), then we can appoint people into these functions to create sensitive laws for our nature and handle Climate change more effectively, I believe that Nature and changes of its climate must be taken more seriously as there were major impacts in our society and environment and we are just sitting and often times whining about, "what ifs, or we should have done this" when its already affected many people and even killed thousands of us, and destroyed millions of millions of infrastructures and livelihood.
We need a real solid plan to not just reduce climate change and not just create a perfect law to follow, more importantly we need to really care about our mother nature and genuinely participate, like everyone must understand first what's going on with our surroundings and what going to happens next in years to come, if don't act with urgency and with care.