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Submitted by Zygie M on

In a few months, this topic will have been up for almost three years. Leading up to this point, it is interesting to note that I have not noticed any major public programs dealing with climate change, whether they be to educate more people about it, to fortify and modify vulnerable structures, or even to lessen the environmental impact our country contributes. Which is a shame, since the national elections are coming up.

Regarding adaptation to climate change itself, I've been seeing families (mine included) having to deal with damages that the increasingly strong typhoons are inflicting (part of climate change). The awareness is commendable, people having emergency supplies and plans to get them out of a spot, but what can a few people do if the government does not enact these steps widely and publicly?

As far as observations go, it has been a very slow and disappointing (almost) three years. There was(is?) an initiative to improve public transportation as to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, but hearing conflicting statements about it from authorities (Manila experiences heavy traffic because Filipinos are getting wealthier and buying more private vehicles) make these initiatives feel like a joke. The government has been improving communication towards areas that are typhoon-prone, but it's essentially just evacuating people and leaving all the properties to get destroyed. This is akin to just abandoning the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen. Here's to hoping that the national government apply themselves to the smaller, local units and in turn, these LGUs will help those even at the bottom.