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Submitted by Katherine Claudette Saga on

It is quite disappointing if we would weigh how Filipinos are adapting to climate change. As a youth, I have seen and continue seeing that Filipinos are being complacent about this issue. We all know very well how climate change is destructing our environment and even the people's health but we all tend to just find and do such short-term solutions to patch the holes of our bigger responsibilty-to be accountable enought to take real good care of the environment.

Based on my observations, the government and other non-government organizations are doing their very best to encourage each and everyone to lessen the damage of the climate change through environment-friendly campaigns and activities. I say lessen because I believe that it isn’t going to be any better though I am not being a pessimist here, just stating a fact. Going back, since we are all aware of the do’s and don’ts, I think the least and the very best thing we can do is to fully do and commit on our part to participate on any suggested solution made by the authorities/officials and profesionals. Yes, we can suggest bunch of aid but unless we fully give our heart on these, there ain’t going to be any change.