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Submitted by Ryan Paul Magdangal on

Climate change untreated

It is visible that our climate is changing rapidly, and it’s not getting recovered because the forecasts were getting complex every year. The Philippines are not excluded with the effects of the climate change, as we are always the apple of an eye of the Typhoons and most of the tropical storm that hit us not just offers a lot of destruction, but giving a great loss not only with the assets, but on agriculture, and precious life (The World Bank).

Another focus we can discuss caused by the climate change is our very own trade and industry, since the Philippines was considered in the world as “eight-largest rice producer” due to our tropical climate ( of our farmers are mainly affected as the cost of farming are increasing rapidly compared with the previous years—this includes the daily cost that they have to shoulder daily just to make sure the fruitful harvest once their crops are ready. I myself have been seeing these changes and hearing these sentiments from the farmers since I grew up in a province where implantation of rice is the prime occupation of the people-where most of their profit on the harvest will go directly to the person who lent them money to be able to plant their crops.

It has been indicated on the World Bank editorial that the past administration initiated the execution and adaptation measures to alleviate the effects of climate change, by commissioning the CCC (Climate Change Commission to make it functional and to properly implement objectives of the climate change (Sering, 2013). But how come that the adaptation to mitigate the climate change still not fully executed entirely, whereas, our government allocated a lot of budget to make sure it will fulfilled.

The World Bank also acknowledged on the source, while our government is funding the labor, some governmental association doesn’t fully cooperating with the agenda, as they are hindering the people assigned to it to properly conduct and performed an exploration and analysis how they are using machinery and other resources.

While basing on the three major focuses, my question posed is how we are going to hardening the preparation, application and put money into the framework to alleviate the climate change? Is the idea already vanished? since the appointed official of the past administration has been out of the office—if that’s not the case, where is the replacement with the present administration? I believed this has to be our focus for now since most of allocated funds were allocated to the framework—we are not just losing funds, efforts and time here but most importantly, is the change with our climate that kept untreated.


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