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Submitted by Sahadeva Das Ladyong on

What can an individual do to help fight against climate change? How can the individual do minor things to make a big impact?

Back in my high school, we had this piggy bank. Each student can donate at least 1 peso a day. We had 30 students in our class, so a day we can save 30 pesos. In a week, at least 150 pesos. And in a month, we had 600 pesos, and that's if students only donated 1 peso a day. Some donated 5-10 pesos a day, and we would usually get about 1000 pesos per month. We were able to use that money to improve our classroom, or for class projects and other things if we needed the money.

Is there a way we can use that system to help in climate change? Have the individual do small things, like throwing trash in the right places and other minor things. Small things that can make a big impact if everyone is doing it.

The next problem is how to inform and ensure that each and every person is doing their part to help. How do we have people do these things as part of their daily lives? How do we make sure that each and every person is responsible enough to help?