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Submitted by Jakob Quilao on

Philippines, as a Third World country has been experiencing a lot of devastating events such as the sea levels rising due to climate change resulting to the Filipino people to depend more on the Government. Clearly our government isn’t really doing a great job in supporting the people they’re claiming to take care of. A lot of provinces that was hit by typhoons lack the support of housings, food supplies when in fact the government actually promises to provide what these flood victims need that results to people feeling disappointed for a fact that these people are the only people they can rely on to continue on with their lives and start a new.

Climate change is without a doubt inevitable. There are certain needs that the people get from nature. However, due to these needs, the people sometimes abuse nature which leads to illegal logging and deforestation. Those are only two of the major problems that cause climate change and it is very hard to prevent due to the fact that these are lines of work where a lot of people get money from to provide for their families. Humans are the main cause why climate change and global warming is happening. All the pollution is caused by human activities. It is truly up to the people and the government to make a move and change something because we have been dealing with this problem for years and it seems to me that we still have a chance to correct our mistakes regarding what we do that causes climate change.

“Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect"1 — warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space.” -

Proper education on how we all should take care of our environment should start from an early age. “Old habits die hard.” If it becomes a habit from the beginning, then we, the people would most likely keep doing it until adulthood, rather than if you start them late. The children are the key to the future after all. That is one possible process in order to prevent climate change, through children. Another way, and I believe that this should be practiced in most households by now; energy saving. Be it with your plugs, electronics, and anything that requires electricity really. My question is: There are engineers who have already developed the technology in which allows you to save energy. This option saves you money and prevents wasted energy. Why do people choose to not invest in these when they know of all the benefits and how it helps the world?” I really just do not understand. My family invested in these items and although it is quite pricey, the amount you save and all is very much worth it. In the end, you still spend less. I hope that made sense. Someone please enlighten me on how energy saving products aren’t the norm yet?