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Submitted by Marilou Inciong on

What is climate change? Global warming? Ask an ordinary citizen and you will discover the sad truth – ignorance. Now ask them what should we do to at least not add more to the damage. How will they react if they don’t even know what it is? What should we do?

Educate. Wipe away the ignorance. From school children to out of school youth, mother, father, grandparents – let them have a deeper understanding on the simple things that they contribute to this phenomenon. Let's not make it too vague for them. We can use simple terms in their vernacular to make the learning meaningful.

Involve. Let them be the part of the change. Make programs that everyone can participate in. Organize tree planting, gardening, garbage segregation campaign, recycling, etc. Give them tasks and motivate them to become active participants and new leaders.

Spread the word. Don’t stop the information campaign. Let climate change be the talk of the town, the revolving, exaggerated "gossip" in the community. Let us talk about it in every opportunity that we have.

Appreciate. Give them what they deserve – recognition for their efforts. A simple token and certificate of appreciation will make them feel important. It is necessary to ignite the fire in their heart to do more. Be generous in appreciation. A whole community with all its members being individually appreciated for every small effort they contributed to the realization of a goal is highly recommended. Don’t just select a few. Note everyone's contribution and never forget to mention them.

Follow-up. This is not just a seasonal project. It is for life. Remind them again and again until good habits are formed - until it becomes their way of life.

This is a long journey, but in order to get a tangible result, we must persist and be patient. This is not just the responsibility of the government, this is everyone's responsibility. But yes, we need strong and sound leadership, along with our collective efforts to reap our goal – not only for our own benefit but most of all, for the welfare of the next generation.

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