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Submitted by Simon Domingo on

Continuous Climate Efforts:

The good thing is that we are aware that climate change is happening. We feel it and we believe that it is starting to take a toll on people, especially the Philippines. Now, if there is anything that can be observed in the battle against Climate Change, it is the need for consistency. As the years go by, we continue to industrialize and as we do, we continue to accumulate waste and emit harmful substances that could potentially harm our earth. We have started our endeavors ranging from big feats such as the formation of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) to small things such as Uber Pool. But as is, administrations change, dynamic pricing ceases to please the public and it is our responsibility to continue what has been done successfully for our planet.

Aside from a continuous effort towards greener disciplines, we could also tap into the field of Green Business and look at ways in which we could mobilize private sector finance in order to contribute to these green businesses. There are countless ways in which we could make the earth a greener place, and these are only some of the examples.