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Submitted by Minerva Chavez on

From my observation, the issue of climate change is often overlooked. There are not much strong measures being implemented due to red tape and continuous bad practices. Environmental groups or government agencies concerned do not sustain awareness campaigns and action points do not logically follow. Also, the need for the general masses to be well informed about climate change needs to be emphasized. There should be government efforts in pursuing this since most of these people work for environmentally destructive companies like factories, which can be both hazardous to the workers and the environment itself.


1. What sample anti-climate change campaigns can serve as general prototype so all countries can replicate them back home?

2. What is the ranking of Climate Change Projects when it comes to national budget allocation?

3. What are the concrete fruits of the Aquino administration’s work on climate change?

4. How can inter-agency collaboration help amplify our climate change information campaign?