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Submitted by Lorenzo Perez on

Climate change is indeed a real threat to the Philippines, the country being an archipelago of 7000 plus islands. Coastal communities are particularly endangered, especially those living in the eastern part of the country. Already, the frequency and power of typhoons and tsunamis have increased and the melting ice caps in the North and South Pole have raised sea levels. The people’s way of life have been and will be affected. Climate change has led to a decline in the marine population, affecting livelihood of the fisher folks and other people dependent on it. In our province in Bulacan, my grandfather told us that there has never been any flooding in their area; yet one year ago, strong floods affected their whole town, which devastated several houses and farm lands, this despite the province being landlocked.
So it is good to note that we have laws and policies that address the issue of climate change. However, are these laws and policies enough? I would say that these are not enough. Though we have plenty of laws and policies that are supposed to address or mitigate the effects of climate change, many of these are poorly implemented. The reasons for the poor implementation include lack of political will, lack of funding, lack of awareness or understanding of the policies and guidelines, or simply the low priority accorded to these by the administration. President Duterte himself said last November that he will not honor the Paris Treaty although recently, there have been reports that he will sign it. Hopefully this will lead to more concrete actions being taken.
On the other hand, we shouldn’t solely rely on our leaders and government to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change. We should also do our part in cleaning and taking care of our environment. From simply picking up trash that we see and disposing of these properly, to recycling, planting trees and using renewable energy. No act is too small. There is much we can do to aid in this fight for our future.