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Submitted by Janice Casas on

Is climate change a myth, unreal or a hoax? I have heard this debate several times and most of the time, the discourse is refutable.

I firmly believe that it is crucial to pay attention about the issue of climate change. This is a worldwide phenomenon that brings massive problem and projects humungous dangers, threats and risks. The dilemma continues to proliferate over the course of time and it is expected to multiply if we continue to be oblivious about the existing problem.

If I may recall, circa 2013, the typhoon Yolanda destroys the source of living and the lives of many Filipinos. The typhoon have resulted to floods, storm surge and landslides and claimed many lives of the people. I may have not witnessed it from my own naked eye but the worldwide news and the testaments of my friends and relatives in my home country were more than enough to feel the harsh effect of the catastrophe. It was not the only intense typhoon that struck our country but there are many of them. I may not recall the latest few as I have been away from my homeland for more than a decade but the damages of those typhoons generated an international commotion and shockwaves.

In the Philippines, it is evident that geography plays a big factor for the climate change; however, it is also known to us that the citizen of our country performs considerable amount of unacceptable actions that worsened the situation and altered the natural environment. Though Philippines is a typhoon prone country, it is also apparent that over a period of time, an increase number of intense typhoon made landfall on our ground. And why is it so? This is because of the climate change. People became abusive to the abundance of the Mother Nature and they have shrugged off the possible consequences of their wrongdoings. The trees and mangroves that used to help in stabilizing the soil in the event of typhoons have been denuded. The coral reefs are dying and it continue to weaken due to the pollution and trashes that has been dumped into the seas and rivers. The natural environment is in great danger due to our greed and ignorance. Its deterioration is a threat to the humanity.

The clamor about the climate change has been there for long time and I agree that majority of the Filipinos are aware of it and even felt it. They knew its existence but they do not know how to combat the issue. Who’s to blame? Shall I blame the government about their lack of knowledge? Yes, but not totally because every citizen of the country must have a conscious effort to decipher what is right and wrong for the environment. The relationship of mankind and the environment has been established since the beginning of time and even before the construction of our ideals and beliefs. In one way or another, the two are interrelated. We are all responsible for it without any excuses. Aside from this responsibility, we also need to develop our sense of discipline. Some of us use our capacity to go against the nature and destroy its beauty. Some of us dispose our garbage without following the method of segregation and we cut trees for the sake of modernization and globalization.

Somehow, there is no point to dwell the mistakes of the past. It is necessary to make amends as early as possible so that the next generation can have a better experience of our natural environment. Whilst I agree that the government needs to promote awareness about climate change and tackle on how to combat the issue in a wider spectrum; it is also pivotal that this method of awareness will reach to our fellow countrymen that have limited or no access to media, technology and education. We also need help from the people of various sectors, support groups and even the students to conduct an awareness campaign. Additionally, the government must develop strong governance and effective implementation of the climate change law of our country. Fines or punishments must be strictly implemented to the violators of the law. Lastly, let us start examining and evaluating our own environment and see if we conform to the standards. After all, change starts from within and then spread it.