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Submitted by Ren Paolo Villanueva on

First of all, while reading this blog, I couldn't help but ask myself, are these government efforts still being attended to? Now that we have already changed administration, is President Duterte focusing on addressing the climate change? Or are we just waiting for something, say a typhoon, to happen and lose other thousands, worse millions, of life again before we take another action?
From my observation, most humans specifically Filipinos have already adapted to climate change, adapted in such a way it has been part of our lives and already getting used to this kind of change. However it is our poor farmers/people in the agricultural sectors suffering because this kind of change affects their livelihood. They are the ones in need of most help, in which I think their local government units are giving their sympathy and full cooperation in funding studies to combat climate change. Only if funds/donations/budget for climate change is being put into good use we could’ve somehow reduced, or better eliminated, the problem at hand. Being identified as the most successful living creatures, together, if we work hand in hand, we can save the environment and eliminate climate change once and for all. Let us prove that we can win the battle against the humans causing the distraction of our natural resources that result to climate change. We should learn that human activities in natural resources also have its limits.