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Submitted by Joseph Medalla on

This is an issue that everyone is becoming more and more aware about. We are going through problems caused by climate change. The growing amount of storms, the landslides caused by the storms are just a few examples of what we are dealing with as a result of climate change.
If our government doesn't find a way to deal with this issue it will come biting us back in the future. They should pursue programs in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases let out into the air and deal with the deforestation. But the government aren't the only people who should be pursuing this but each individual too. Even in our own little way, be it the recycling of plastic bottles to the proper segregation of trash, or even in group activities like planting trees and picking up trash we can contribute in preventing climate change. And everyone should be educated and informed of these things so we can all seek to make a group effort to address the problem of climate change. If people aren’t aware of the situation that we are in or the weight of their actions now, how do we expect others to help?