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Submitted by Dervin Correa on

After reading the report by the World Bank and several other articles pertaining to the report, I can’t help but wonder if the question posed really provides the answers.

On a government level, most likely. As highlighted by the report, the three recommended themes should help with us handle climate change. On a society level, not particularly directed towards the government, only the second recommendation is vaguely applicable focusing on the “enhancing leadership” part of it.

I think the recommendations are fine, if you are someone with a position in the government where you can contribute to policies and changes to support this climate change adaptation. However, if you are someone like me, part of the mass, who has no direct connection with the government, this data, however informative, does not excite me at all. It open my eyes to the problems of our society on a global level. On a personal level though, this issue is overshadowed by my personal troubles.

I think the articles, fail to highlight what can be done at a personal or even at the immediate community level. As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Armed with this knowledge, what exactly can I do to contribute?

This may sound like a cliché, but I believe the best way to move forward is by teaching our children how to better take care of our environment. If we were to start teaching our young Filipinos something as simple as throwing garbage in the trash bin or going further as letting them participate in their community’s recycling programs (where available), at that level, can we feel as though we’re contributing to our society.

What I’m driving at is if we try to instill good practices with our youth then it can lead to better practices for them in the future. This in turn can influence them to ride a bike instead of driving a car to work therefore reducing GHG emissions. Or maybe as far as actually being better participants at the programs that that report is talking about – maybe some kid right now actually aspires to be in Congress to properly affect change and enforce the policies that are being talked about.

I’m not saying that these plans, reforms, monitoring systems etc. are useless. The audience for this is clearly the government but we can’t depend on the government to walk us through these adaptations. The change has to start somewhere and it should come from ourselves.