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White Top Tuesday. Sometimes we can concentrate so much on trying to help people adapt that we forget the people are angry because they are forced to adapt to something that is not of their making. Furthermore the people causing the problems for them, the worst polluting countries, seemingly do not care in the least about the extreme problems that they causing for the people of the Philippines . Hence an important thing to do is give the people a voice to vent their frustration & anger. At the moment the people will feel isolated. They probably feel nobody outside the Philippines really knows what is going on there, or really cares about their situation. World leaders are not reacting, by quickly putting into place new Green House Gas Emissions Treaties to help alleviate the problem. So their isolation & frustration continues to grow. Give them a chance to express their frustrations with respect this lack of global action. Let them participate in White Top Tuesday ( will give all the people of the Philippines the opportunity to shout out to the world. "We are here and we need your help". The unifying affects of Participating in White Top Tuesday will help the people come together in their times of absolute need, and will also link them with millions of other people around the world who are also directly feeling the affects of climate change. I am sure many people are saying but White Top Tuesday will not bring my house back, nor can it stop the next storm. And they would be correct. However nothing anyone could suggest can stop the storms for the short to medium future, and that is an unfortunate reality. However if you protest loud enough world leaders will hear you and they will begin to help the people of the Philippines adjust to what is surely going to be the future for us all.