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Submitted by mely green on

i can't understand why pork barrel has to be donated to some ngo, but please don't be mistaken about ngo. actualyy ngo's are good support to peoples' plight and condition they are a big help to the marginalized. but, pork barrel is intended for philippine development such as infrastructures, school buildings in remote areas, salaries for low-professionals income working in rural, uptown, marginalized areas of our country. they can utilize pork barrel for more concrete assitance to education, health and expansion of social benefits and program for the Filipinos. why not make a comprehensive review and planning. these will mhelp and make our country a low-poverty land. if only our political leaders will have these social-consciousness of helping alleviate the conditon of our people. imagine such grand billion of pesos just drained to personal luxury and so-called "ngo donation!" i want to directly addressed this to Pinoy and to all senators and congressmen/women of our country. please be unselfish... think Filipino!... think our people!.