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Submitted by LEDA CELIS on

Let us look at the labour market model of other countries especially those that promote full employment. A closer study on the mechanics of dealing with the demand and supply of labor leading to closer collaboration of industries and the academe. This calls for an active role of the tripartite sector to recommend enabling policies and monitor results of their efforts.

In some point, the contractualization (5 months work limit) has commodified the human capital at the expense of sacrificing labour rights. While this country needs investors to boost growth, total development should not sacrifice labour power of Filipinos which is the major reason why a multi-billion BPO industry wanted to settle here....Jobless professionals, high growth of informal workers, unemployed youth,lack of opportunities for women .. it is time for the government to review existing programs, current labour market interventions. Findings must be towards redirecting labor policies to address helplessness....