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Submitted by Allan Beesey on

Dear Gabriel

I think the points you outline are the key but do not seem to be reflected in the poll questions/answers. I would add that of course education is key but it is going to be a gradual shift. In the central highlands the indigenous people have been replace by migrants from kinh and other ethnic groups. They do not have the same resources to enter into the market economy. The first priority is to reduce social exclusion #2 in your list, quality land would help also #3. They need this and more, if their self identity was improved this would certainly help but this would be a slow process too. They are not a priority for the government, in the central highlands they are still taking land away for bauxite mines etc. and the government is now encouraging them to work overseas as migrant labour. They are second class citizens and they will stay that way under current processes.

1. Geographical isolation and limited market access,
2. Social exclusion, culture, and language,
3. Limited access to quality land,
4. Low rates of out-migration, and
5. Low levels of education.