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Submitted by Ricky Ward on

Well Khun Chanin , I was at perhaps the last of the several consultation sessions. Not invited by the local government, as were many who attended, but by friends at the last minute. The meeting was far from having "positive outcomes". People were furious that there had been a number of secret consultations, which came up with a plan to dig up recent paving at the 3 Kings square, lay some more, avoid planting shady trees and having no effect on the ability to walk or cycle safely in the city. This I might add is a city which has let bike lanes disappear with no maintenance for 6 years thanks to the current Mayor. The Mayor was too cowardly to attend, but his secretary and No 2 were there and very quiet until the end, when the deputy mayor did a little show, quite a showman really, saying no no no the plan would not go ahead. Now guess what - it is proceeding pretty much as planned and the bike lanes are still invisible. You know perfectly well that local government here is run by crooks who regularly violate the Thai Constitution, and yet you assist them and not the people. Shame on you.