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Thank you for your comment. There are efforts to extend the consultation to as many people as possible. I believe that Chiang Mai Municipality reached out to community leaders to represent the people in the area and conducted the consultation in March 2013. The community around the project area also went to Chiang Mai Municipality to discuss the public consultation process. Since July 2013, Chiang Mai Municipality organized several more public consultation meetings with the communities (there were around 3-4 consultation sessions) until the change of the design was agreed with the communities in late September 2013. I trust that the communities have been in close contact with Chiang Mai Municipality on the progress. Community members even help monitoring the contractor's work, and their comments were followed by the municipality to ensure quality works from the contractor. While clearly much more work will have to be done, we hope that this pilot project will start contributing to the use of non-motorized transport in Chiang Mai once completed.